You are invited to join us on Saturday October 1, 10AM to 2PM at the Peter Paul House 1203 Scott Highway, Groton VT 05046

         Learn how to research the history of your own Groton property

 * There will be many maps from the original divisions in circa 1780, up to the current tax maps, and including the 1875 Beers Atlas, and old road maps. 

 * There will be a Vermont State Catalog of old houses in Groton, with pictures, compiled in the 1980’s.

* You can learn how to use Mr. Glover’s Groton to find graves, census information, and family references.

* There are several old Title Books showing loans made against such things as oxen, and lumber.

* There is a beautiful 1850’s Grand List.

* Learn how to look up Land Records at the Town Clerk’s Office

Books, Map of Groton Pond and Puzzles will be available to purchase- Credit Cards accepted

Handouts available with resource information

House Tour at 12PM

Groton lots and Propriters.jpg